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World Destroyer Teaser Trailer World Destroyer Teaser Trailer

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Dat boy lookin' like dipper, i see what you doin'.

Nominous responds:

I don't get it? What am I doing?

Bamboo Garden- Ep. 1 Bamboo Garden- Ep. 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I remeber seeing this animation on youtube and I liked it a lot.

It is very clever and I love it.

One thing I can say is that sometimes there is just too much animation and it makes things look awkward. A few things i can suggest is make the frames go on for a shorter amount of time (like, on ones) or just have less frames for some actions. Like, you don't always have to have your characters moving all the time, you can have them slow down a bit.

Joshuanimations responds:

Hey Zachselsior! Really appreciate the feedback, thanks! And yea I agree with you on the animation- sometimes I did animate too much ahah, I'll keep the advice in mind, thanks again, glad you enjoyed it!

Roommates - Monster Mini-Mayhem Roommates - Monster Mini-Mayhem

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well, because of the rumors of zero star reveiws getting deleted, I'm just gonna give this three.

Alright now I'm just gonna give you my points off the top of my head that i don't like about this cartoon.

There are way too many video game references that it distracts from the cartoon, especially that pokemon battle part. A simple "Werewolf! I choose you!" would have sufficed. Also all of the sound effects ripped from other games also felt pretty distracting.

That character with the missing tooth really annoyed the hell out of me and how his character was pretty much just "giggle squee! ecks dee!" If you're going to make a random character who bends reality in the stupidest ways, then you need to go crazy with that and ramp it up even higher.

Ok, that "vampire with sunblock" joke really fell flat because IT'S NIGHT TIME IN THE BACKGROUND.

All of the other main 4 characters are also pretty much the same, you need to give your characters some more traits to make them more memorable. The only other one i could really remember is that british guy because he's british.

Also, another thing that is important is that all of your characters (excluding le random man) all sound the same, and no I don't mean that they sound like they have the same voice, I mean they all have the same flat monotonous personality to the way they speak. Think of it like this, all of your characters are each a different instrument and they're in an orcastra, your cartoon is this orcastra, and the whole time they all play just one note, with the occasional flute solo from the random man. Now, i don't know about you, but that sounds like a pretty boring concert, so it doesn't matter HOW many voice actors you have for a project, they gotta have some variety in the notes of there lines, a good example of this actually comes from your cartoon where you have Sir pelo in it, that man knows how to use his notes, and probably the only funny part of this cartoon.

Why did you even have Rick appear in the background? it was not needed and unfunny, it just basically feels like your trying to get some nerd cred, and now it just makes me wonder how many other cringe worthy cameos I thankfully missed.

My last critique is how the FUCK did this take a whole year to make? I mean seriously, all of the characters have the same head shape, same eye shape, and same body type, not to mention it has a shit ton of tweening and a plethora of short cuts and parts where it's just one frame with some narration. I made a 13 minute long sonic parody in 8 weeks with minimal tweening and I can say that it's at least more animated than this, not to toot my own horn here, but I was really hoping, just HOPING that there was at least one part that was really well animated to justify this, and when the fight scene came along I thought to my self "Oh boy! this is it! show me what you got!" and then it happened and i was severely dissapointed.

I didn't want to hate this, I wanted to like it, but you just make it hard to do so.

Oh yeah, one last thing, I absolutly loath your intro, the roomates logo spelling itself out is pretty much just ripping off of Edd's world, you can't deny that, also It might be just me, but that 8-bit music really gets on my nerves, it sounds like the Silver Surfer's OST but worse.

Also you've been working on your webseries for like, 4 years? that's almost as long as me and I think it's time you got some wake up calls and really start improving your art.

I'm only being so hard on you because I was also once a young lad who ripped off Edd's World, and I want to see you improve.

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Lost Word Lost Word

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game made me feel warm inside.

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Isabelle Isabelle

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It looks pretty good.

thechosenusernam responds:

Thank you!